You can book a place in the bunkhouse by contacting the reception or at


The parachute center Dropzone Denmark offers a complete bunkhouse with room for 28 overnighters in 4, 6 and 8 man rooms.

There are men’s and women’s changing rooms with shower cabins and toilets. The building is located 50 meters from the main building where you will find the reception, shop, theory rooms and Nomad Bar and restaurant.

When you book an overnight stay in a bunkhouse, linen, duvet and bedspreads and a towel are included.

Price per. night 125 kr.


Dropzone Denmark also offers an alternative with its own furnished cabin. Here is a small kitchen and a double bed

To this follows, toilet, shower bainer and changing room. The cabins are located in a small town 60 meters from Dropzone Denmark’s Main Building.

When you book an overnight stay in a Western cabin, linen, duvet / bed cover and towel are included.

Price per night (1 bed) 200 kr.

Price per. wet (Entire cabins) = 500 kr.

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