Do you want to learn to fly?

In Herning Air Sports Center, we focus on our fantastic club life and flying schools. We have something for every taste and price. There are countless ways to get in the air. We hold many cozy events especially in the summer, where you can get a taste for air sports.

If you want to know more about the different branches of air sports, you can click on one of the underlying links.

Icon af Svæveflyver


At Herning Gliding Club, you can try a fantastic flight, which gives krill in the stomach. From 0-100 km in 3 seconds.

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Dropzone Denmark

Denmark's largest parachute center and professional parachute center Dropzone Denmark. Get your life experience.

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Ultralight Club

The club offers introductory flight to all interested. Ultralight flight is a modern, inexpensive and easy way to get in the air.

Icon af lille flyver i midtjyskflyveklub


Denmark's 2nd largest motor aviation club. The club owns 4 aircraft which all club members can rent at cost price.

Icon af Pilot i Herningmotorflyveklub


Herning Motorflyveklub offers the flight certificate at Denmark's absolute best price. Are you interested in private motor flying?

Icon af controller til Model-Flyveklub

Model Flight Club

A club with a passion for model aircraft. The club has over 50 members. If you are interested, you should be very welcome.


Midtjysk Flight School

Midtjysk Flyveskole offers evening theory classes all year round. You can start flying before taking the theory.

Are you a business traveler?

Herning Airport is an obvious place for business travelers. It offers accommodation and a café. You can rent a car and drive to Herning Centrum in less than 10 minutes. In addition, there are always plenty of activities on site. You can’t possibly achieve it all in one weekend.

Food and cold drinks of all kinds are served here. We ensure a cozy and social stay on the square with space for wild experiences and culture of all kinds both at the airport and in Herning city.

If you are a business traveler, then Herning Airport is an obvious place to land. Fast and personal operation with airside access (direct collection by plane), no delays or long security check-in. Located 5 km north of Herning center and centrally located in Herning and surrounding industrial area.

Herning Lufthavn