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Denmark’s largest air sports center in relation to various activities. Ul, engine, hover, helicopter, model line control and parachute. Of course, everything is taught

This is how Herning Airport is organized

Herning Airport is organized in a collaboration between 2 companies: The independent institution: and Anpartsselskabet: S / I Herning Airport Herning Lufthavn ApS



S / I Herning Airport’s main task is to operate and maintain the airport in accordance with the aviation authorities’ rules and approved operating instructions from the Danish Transport Authority.

Airport manager and treasurer are employed here on municipal agreements

Responsibility for runways (asphalt and grass)

Responsibility for Herning Radio

Has rented premises at Herning Lufthavn ApS

The board is composed of one from each club, which has over 20 members – currently. There are a total of 6 representatives, 2 representatives from the board of directors of Herning Airport ApS and 2 representatives appointed by Herning Municipality’s City Council. The treasurer is externally appointed.

Herning Lufthavn ApS owns the terminal building and tank farm.

The terminal building is rented out to S / I Herning Airport and two other tenants.

The tank facility consists of jet fuel and Avgas and a toll facility.

The board currently consists of of 7 members, all elected at the annual general meeting. The company has hired a director (part-time) who also handles the cashier function.

To ensure cooperation, common interests and relevant information between the 2 companies, a Executive Committee has been established, consisting of:

Chairman of the Board from S / I Herning Airport

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Herning Airport ApS

Treasurer in S / I and director of ApS (is currently the same person)

Airport manager

The port office is open every weekday from 08:30 to 16.00
We help you with most things and always have coffee on the jug.

Herning Lufthavn